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The PPSWS (Ping Pong Siamese Writing) Magazine is a collection of 9 experimental writing protocols and a connected analytical discussion.

We invented a play to generate lyrics. Two heads (Siamese) write one text (Body). The associative and direct process leads to a depersonalized unique output. Words were written on paper shreds, account statements, wallpaper or on sheets already fed through a typewriter. In these very communicative times we were sending emails, letters and parcels (Typewriter) back and forth all the time.

The weirdest way to do this was with the Islandic band Múm. They liked to push the play to another level. The only thing that was certain was that they would perform a concert every night somewhere on this planet. So we installed “Wordtransmitter”. People would go to the band shows every night. It was up to us to find someone in Stockholm, London, New York, wherever. They knew that PPSWS was on the guest list. You would go to the show. You would fight your way into the first line. You would scream the word we gave to you. Or you would somehow make contact. Someone in the band would right away respond and you would end up hanging out with the band all night long. We received outrageous stories from all over the world.

This project is available for exhibitions, workshops, etc.



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