Product Design, Visual Identity



Stage Lights for MIO MYO

Based on the band’s signature, we produced a live controlled stage visual in cooperation with Elektropastete. 

The RBG-LED matrix consists of 16 single-controllable parts, which can be played live with the music. As an input device, we use an IPad and in-house software developed on the basis of pure data. 


The solid and adjustable aluminium construction is configured with 20 meters of LED RGB stripes which come to a width of 7.50 meters and a height of 1.80 meters in total. In total around 10,400 lumens produced – dazzling the front rows of the audience. Since the band’s Fusion festival appearance and subsequent performances in larger venues the lights have become indispensable.

> Product Design, Visual Identity

Contributors: Elektropastete (digital arts collective)


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